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Hydration Station

Advanced Tanning Skincare for the Life of Your Tan!


Prepare your skin for a deeper longer-lasting tan! Accelerate and improve the tone and texture of your skin, extend the life of your tan, and keep your skin feeling hydrated and “baby soft.”


Prolong your tanning results! Achieve a more even and natural sunless application. Extend the life of your sunless tan days longer! Improve DHA, vitamin, and nutrient penetration. Promote an even skin tone and radiant glow.


Protect & Rejuvenate your skin! Ideal for ultimate skin rejuvenation! Full body vitamin boost! Deeply hydrate and revive skin. Improve texture and tone. Minimize the signs of negative effects of tanning. Extend the overall life of your tan.

Our Hydration Station offers tanners the ability to prepare their skin for tanning, prolong the life of the tan, and protect the skin from dehydration and poor skin tone.

Hydration Station is a hydro-fusion therapy machine, that uses dense steam, infrared heat, oxygen science concentrates, colored lights and bed massage to rejunevate the skin.

Putting it bluntly…

This bed will make your sunless tan last longer, by deeply hydrating the skin with oxygen, water and special nutrients. Afterwards, your skin will be left glowing, and “baby soft”.

The anticipated results would include:

  • Tan that lasts longer
  • Increase circulation and penetrate tanning and skincare products!
  • Deeply moisturizes your skin with the benefits of Oxygen Science Concentrates
  • Soothe and energize your senses with Color Spectrum Lights


Hydration Station Pricing

Please note: There is a 265 lb. weight restriction for the Hydration Station.


Airbrush Membership

Skin Is In Membership

6 month minimum and cancellation fee applied.

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