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Skin Palette wants to hear from you! You can help us maintain A-List status by letting others know how your experience was by leaving a testimonial below. People are talking…Here’s what they have to say.

“This airbrush tan was by far the best I have ever had in my life. It wasn’t orange at all. Thanks Skin Palette on all the compliments on how great my skin looked!” -Sara Conrad

“This place is AWESOME! Susie sprayed me a week before my wedding. I had never spray tanned before and Susie made me feel comfortable and at ease. I (and my pictures) looked amazing! Everyone complimented me on how natural I looked. Thank you guys for being so wonderful to me and my sister while we were there. Such a relaxing and comfortable environment. We will see you in September for her wedding!” -Alicia DiLeonardo

“The hydration station is WONDERFUL for my dry winter skin not to mention RELAXING at the end of the day!! Find the time to spend 30-minutes in the hydration station followed by a custom spray tan and you won’t regret it!” -Kristen Foote

“Skin Palette rocks!!!! I went today for a spray tan so I can head DOWN THE SHORE with a sun kissed tan without the Snookie look. Susie Johnsen-Celek gave me spray tan that doesn’t smell, doesn’t streak or get all over my clothes. Save your skin from sun damage, wrinkles and skin cancer and head over to SKIN PALETTE. Trust me, you’ll thank me! Pics coming soon” -Downtheshore Show

“Thanks for the tan Amber, I got so many compliments at the wedding!!! Can’t wait to come back!” -Katie Greim

“Thank you Susie and Amber for making Emily Camp and I look amazing for her special day! You are the best!!!” -Lindsay Camp

“Susie Johnsen-Celek sprayed me tonight and it came out so awesome!! Love the new place!” -Kayla Gillin

“My tan looks so great and I LOVED the hydration bed!! THANK YOU!!! Much success to you ladies;)” -Amy Fox-Battaglia

“I had my first Skin Palette spray tan today, finally washed it off after 8 hours and its PERFECT! Everything is uniform and my hands and feet did NOT get darker than the rest of me! Im very pale naturally as a natural red head and I do NOT look orange! GREAT JOB, thanks a bunch Susie for spraying me, definitely will recommend to others!! Thanks Ladies!!!” -Amy Hutton

“Just had a great session at the salon and it was wonderful! The hydration bed was not only very relaxing but purged the toxins and made my skin feel extremely soft. Then the spray tan was streak less and lasted a long time. Staff was very supportive and welcoming. Whenever you are in the area stop by…wonderful experience!” -Beth McAllister Fromholtz

“Love, love, love my spray tan!!! Thanks for making me feel comfortable and beautiful Susie. I will definitely be back!” -Emmie Bertram

“Feeling sooooo hydrated!!! Ahhhhhhhhh, NICE!” -Downtheshore Show

“I wish there was a Skin Palette in Austin, TX!!” -Parrish Whitaker

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