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How Does Hydration Station work?

The Hydration Station will protect and prolong the life and quality of your tan while providing an enjoyable, relaxing experience!

How Does the System Work?

The Hydration prolongs the life of the tan, and protects the skin from dehydration and poor skin tone. By deeply
hydrating the skin with oxygen and special nutrients, you promote a faster, deeper, browner tan.


The simultaneous combination of steam and radiant heat creates “hydrofusion”- a powerful vortex of energy. Hydrofusion promotes an improvement in the appearance of tanned skin, enhanced color, moisturization and prolonged results of UV and sunless tanning sessions.


Moist heat stimulates perspiration and dilates the pores of the skin, allowing for an improved absorption of products including accelerators, moisturizers, and Sunless tanning products. The steamy vapor acts like a “blanket” of moisture: enveloping the skin.

Radiant Heat:

Our body absorbs radiant heat every day in small doses in the form of sunlight. Hydration Station’s technology harnesses radiant heat energy, providing enhanced skin hydration, cleansing and supreme relaxation.

Oxygen Science Concentrates:

Liquid vitamins for the skin are infused with steam to moisturize the skin with special botanicals, minerals, and liquid vitamins for active skincare.

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