About Us

Skin Palette is focused on providing our clients with a healthy solution

to looking and feeling great with a glow.


Susie Celek from Skin Palette joins the WMMR girls for a fun day of Spray Tanning. A surprise celebrity appearance by Philadelphia Eagle Todd Herremans. 

Our Story

We grew up in a culture that supported our belief that ‘tanned’ skin was healthy and beautiful. We oiled, baked and burned to our hearts content, never realizing the high price our skin would pay in the future. Well, the future is now, and while we still believe in healthy, radiant skin, we can no longer afford the harmful damage of the sun’s exposure. We’ve put countless products to the test, ranging from self-tanning lotions to spray tans that have left us disappointed. After extensive research in pursuit of a tanning product that gave us a golden hue, rather than an unnatural orange tint and unpleasant odor, we are thrilled to offer professional-grade solutions customized for every skin tone! In 10 minutes, our team achieved the ‘look’ that made us feel beautiful and skin smart. Whether you are preparing for an event or headed back to work, Skin Palette offers multiple shades to fulfill every preference. Skin Palette has been featured on ABC, Good Day, Fox News, and NBC- The Scene and The Philly Post. InStyle Magazine recently awarded Skin Palette “Best Sunless Tanning” in Pennsylvania. Our vision for SKIN PALETTE is to help others embrace healthier lifestyle choices that enhances the body and leaves you looking and feeling great.

Meet Our Founder

susie celekSusan Celek

Susie Celek, originally from Ohio, made marks as an All-American swimmer and 2 year captain on the women’s varsity crew team at the University of Cincinnati. There she met her college sweetheart, starting tight end for the Philadelphia Eagles, Brent Celek. The pair have since parted ways, but Celek chose to call Philadelphia home, as she had already laid down her own athletic roots in amateur boxing & had begun founding, Skin Palette, with long time friend and business partner, Julie Dorenbos. The dynamic duo built an award winning airbrush tanning salon, recognized as; “Best of Philly 2012,” Allure magazine’s “Perfect Tans” 2012, and InStyle magazine’s “Best tans in Pennsylvania.”

Susie’s other work includes, Co-host of the Great Sports Debate on Comcast, one of MMA’s first female correspondents & sideline reporter for CFFC, and a regular guest on sports radio 94WIP.

The former homecoming queen and county record holding shot putter doesn’t deviate from her raw foundation, rather she operates from a platform of passion and loves coaching. Serving the communities she has been a part of, is core in nature with rewarding results. As a swim coach, she lead Cincinnati St Xavier, an all boys private high school, for 2 consecutive state titles. Celek is looking forward to partnering with a local MMA gym where she is intent on building a strong female outreach program. She plans to continue her involvement with All Hands Working, a foundation that provides equipment and training for firefighters.

Twitter: @susiecelek